Second Step

When students enter kindergarten with the self-regulation and social-emotional skills taught in the evidence-based Second Step program, they’re set up for success with tools that will last a lifetime.

Facilitated by Master's level interns from the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social work weekly are designed to keep children engaged while learning to identify emotions, build empathy, and learning appropriate social interactions.  

Community Engagement

Fostering community engagement is at the heart of Atlas Children's Academy. 

Inter-generational activites between residence  at Garden Plaza Assisted Living are planned through out the year. 

Family Fairs bring community orginzation on site to provide resources and fun

Animal-Child Connection

We understand the value of the Animal-Child bond.  Under the guidance and facilitation of our Mental Health professional our  Ali, the Therapy Dog is used for the assistance and treatment in children with Individualized Education Plans and educational projects. Animals act as co-therapists or co-animal educators. The use of facilitates the process of teaching and learning, and stimulates physical and therapeutic activities.